Ana Toma & her husband, Eduardo, with their children came today. She was so terribly abused but God has given her a family & the love she never had with her family.

Friday was Robbie’s, our grandson, 3rd birthday so they had a birthday party for him.

Bee killers from outer space

Although the sailors throw Jonah into the sea it is with great fear and trepidation that they do so. They ask the God of Jonah to forgive them and not hold them accountable for the sins of Jonah. They had rowed harder so that they might reach land and not throw him overboard but it was impossible.

Now, amazingly, the sailors acknowledge the God of Jonah is the true God. “For thou, O Lord, has done as it pleased Thee”. When Jonah was thrown into the ocean immediately the storm ceased and this really put the fear of God into the sailors.

Now they go where we all should go and that is to the confession that the God of Israel is the true God. Now the fear was awe and reverence to the greatness of Jonah’s God. They were so amazed that Jonah could be so disloyal and stupid towards his God who was obviously the true God.

The awe turns to sacrifice. I love this because the reason Jonah fled towards Tarish was so that he would not have to preach salvation to pagans. God reveals himself to the pagan sailors in spite of Jonah. An accidental witness!