I spoke to the visitors last night & then they went back to work. Walt & Randi will be so blessed by the kindnesses shown by the teams in preparing their dorm.

Some of the team removed the bees from the high school dorm. God has prospered Casa this week with loving-working hands.

A widow receiving a stove, prayers and a hug.


As soon as the storm hit with full force the sailors were frightened and knew it was a “god” thing. All false religions believed that their god or their neighbor’s god would bring havoc on people for the sins of one man. Remember even in the time of Moses thousands were destroyed because Achan disobeyed God.

So the sailors cast lots & know that it is Jonah who is guilty. They question him and he really blows smoke and exaggerates. He says that he is a Hebrew and that he fears God who made the heavens and the earth and the seas. It is hard to believe a person who says he loves or respects God but at the same time is disobedient and living a life in contrast to God’s Word.

The sailor’s fear increases and Jonah tells them they must throw him into the sea. Now this was not Jonah sacrificing for the good of others. He actually wants to die. To obey God and preach to a race or nation he hated was a fate worse than death to Jonah.