Jonah 19 Storms #6

Today the W. Virginia team installed 38 wood burning stoves for widows. They are looking for how to install water filters for the poor which they would like to do their next trip down to Casa. I encourage everyone that a one day ministry to the poor would make your trip to Casa even a larger blessing for them as well as you.


Vilma & Adam with the new arrival


Recently a pastor in an underground Iraqi church baptized 12 men on Sunday night and by the following Sunday morning 9 were killed. Did they have the “good” life because they chose Jesus? It is certain that entered into the “good” eternal life. But the truth is that people die all over the world by taking a stand for Jesus.

Storms such as these need to be contemplated by every Christian. Jesus says it is His way or no way. There is ONE way to heaven and 1,000,000 ways to hell. There is Jesus and Christianity and there is every thing else.

Jesus says in both Matthew 7:24 and 7:26 “Everyone” and that means everyone. He goes on to says that “And the rain fell….” Not “If the rain fell”. Our lives are not always sunny. Recently a gentleman sent me a book entitled “It Never Rains In Tiger Stadium”. Dottie asked me what that means because there have been rains so severe games have even been cancelled.

My answer was that the book was written by an ex-LSU football player and in his heart coming through the tunnel onto the stadium floor before 100,000 people made his day regardless of the weather.

Can we say the same thing? It never really rains in our Christian life if we keep Jesus as our focus.