Jonah #18 Storms #5

The new school year begins today & Gladys has been purchasing the shoes needed (tennis & black) while Josue’ & Tatiana are purchasing school supplies for the 50 plus university students.

Jessie, a board member, arrived and Mike & Pam arrive today to help us to update our financial accounting system.

The teams will have the dorm, Los Cometas, finished Saturday as well as fixing our water pump problem & installing new hot water heaters in at least 4 dorms. Awesome! And the work on the hospital continues. Felipe is laying cement tile sidewalks at Los Cometas.

Our boys leading worship in San Bartolome’.


Years ago a hurricane absolutely destroyed communities in Florida and in one community there was one lone house still standing and every other structure had disappeared. CNN went full blast trying to find the owner. When they did and asked him why his house was still there.

His answer was obvious. He said he KNEW that hurricanes would hit Florida some day so he went to the courthouse and got the building codebook and built his house according to that code. Why don’t Christians do the same?

Do you know that a Christian can have cancer; miscarry; lose a loved one; get robbed or murdered; lose a job; have a rebelious child or divorce? The problems fall on the just and the unjust.

Jesus, Himself, said that we would have hardships. In Mark 8 Jesus tells Peter he will mess up and tells Peter that he will suffer. He says to Peter that he has to deny himself and take up His cross and follow Jesus. He is not speaking of those little cute crosses we wear around our neck. Jesus is speaking of a heavy, splintered filled cross that is extremely difficult to maneuver. He even says that we will lose our lives for His sake.

There will be hardships whether you are a Christian or not.