Jonah #16 Storms #3

Monday evening Chad & I were dealing with a water tank problem on the tower. Even missed the national championship game. I arose  at 4am & began again & then Chad & Justin worked all day until nearly 5 pm & fixed the problems. The Evergreen team worked so very hard & accomplished so much with the new dorm.

Pastor Ezdras & wife, Candida, our daughter, five years ago.

The fourth type of storm is the natural storm. Katrina did not hit the Gulf Coast because New Orleans was sinful. My babies did not die because I was a bad father. How do I know? When Jesus was asked whose fault it was that a young man had been born blind they gave Hid two choices. Either he or his parents had sinned. Jesus replied that neither was at fault.

We live in a sinful world filled with earthquakes, typhoons, tornedos, cyclones and floods. We live in a sinful world where evil people murder and rape and steal and lie and cause havoc. We live in a sinful world where babies die and children are born with defects.

We live in an evil world where there are accidents and people die or get maimed. We live in an evil world where divorce, unwed mothers, irresponsible fathers and deadbeats reside.

How do I react is whether I weather the storms in my life. There are storms I cannot control. Things happen! There are only two options: I can blame or I can grace it. My wife has buried three of her own children and 27 of our children here in Guatemala. She has wept at funerals.

But she has NEVER BLAMED God, me or anyone else. Grace is the answer. Hold your head high for you are the child of the King of Kings and someday He will take us to a better place. No more tears………………………….