Dottie & Gladys met with Marlin to go over the plans for the wedding. She will have 13 bridesmaids. Dottie is becoming a professional wedding planner.

Amilcar came to see me. He said that he has learned so much about Jesus & what he was taught here for years has become a reality. He is a teacher now & works in a church & has been invited to minister in Columbia. He came today for me to give him “the blessing of the father.” I was the one who received the blessing. Josue’ & Bob left for the USA today. Gretchen has begun painting the new dorm.

The little ones playing a game at with the discipleship team.
The little ones playing a game at with the discipleship team.

Pride comes before a fall and nothing shows this more clearly then the Edomites. They were notorious for their arrogance and pride. They feared no one and nothing not even God. They were securely placed in the valley and their walls of their cities were impossible to breach.

The capital was Petra and the only entrance was a narrow gorge between 200 foot cliffs. It only took a handful of men to defend this entrance. Solomon in Proverbs 16:18 is where we read that pride comes before a fall.

The prophecy of Obadiah was considered a joke to the Edomites and so they continued to reject God and trust in their own defenses and strength.

Pride is always a delusion. It is absolute deception. But their real sin was the way they treated Israel. Even though both Judah and Israel would be taken into captivity Obadiah tells Edom not to “gloat” because their time was coming.

Another reason for their pride was that in the besieging of Jerusalem the Edomites joined with Nebuchadezzar. So they felt with him as their ally there was even more reason to be prideful. The Babylonians were the most powerful nation on earth.

God says they would suffer total destruction and become a complete shambles. Edom is the only nation in the Old Testament that God refused to give mercy to.