Number your days #3

I did not feel very well today but was able to preach. In the afternoon we had a 2 hours wedding rehearsal for Ezras and Marin Estephany. The wedding will be next Saturday.

Josue’ & Alex shared with the kids the other day of a family with 5 children who live on a dirt floor. They gathered mattresses & other items for the family. Today the children took an offering & gave 2000 quetzales ($300) of their own sponsor money to purchase food for the family. They also want to collect clothes and toys for them also.

Ezras and Marin Estephany

Psalm 90:12 “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

The prophet with Elisha lost his axe head in the water. Isn’t it interesting that Jesus said, “I will make you fishers of men”? Now Elisha will fish for an axe head. Luke 5 says that we, as Christians, are actually spiritual fishermen.

Jesus asks all Christians the same three questions and I believe they have to do with fishing. First, He asks in Luke 5, “Will you follow me”” and later He asks, “Do you love me?” In John 21 the final question is “Will die for Me”?

Did you ever realize that the word “Lordship” could be seen as Lord of the Ship? We are called to get into the boat and follow Him. I can assure you one thing and that is you will not catch many fish in a swimming pool and that is where most Christians live. They fish in the church.

We have to go to the rivers, streams, lakes and oceans in order to be successful fishermen. Do you remember that the disciples were ready to follow Peter back to the occupation of fishing when they discovered the fire on the early morning beach? It was here Jesus asks Peter those three questions of “Will you…”.

Everyday of his life following the garden where Pilate was speaking to Jesus Peter would hear that rooster crow. Everyday of his life until he died he would be remembered of the horrible decision he made in that courtyard. I am certain that Adam and eve could not eat fruit without being reminded of the horrible decision they had made.

If I give Jesus my heart He will grow my love!!

We all will die. Number your years well!!