Number your days #2

Today we had the civil wedding for Marlin Estephany & Ezdras. She was raised here & he is a minister at a local church a few miles from here. So I am a proud Papa.Our house was filled with visitors.

The dollar dropped again to 7.41


Kids going to the theater

Psalm 90:12 “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

People may not love you but they will like you if you love them. One of the students of Elisha lost his axe head that was extremely valuable. Where did he lose it? It fell in the water. I have known so many Christians in my half-century of ministry who have lost their joy or their peace or their vision. The ministry for Elisha was now the restoring the joy to the student who lost his axe. That is our ministry also.

Remember Eve in the garden when she ate the fruit? We do not know what type fruit it was so we just can assume it may have been an apple. Possibly it was a LITTLE apple. It wasn’t a great big apple. Just a bite full probably. The problem with little apples is they become big apples.

For instance a little lust can lead to stealing. A little peek can lead to adultery. A little resentment can lead to murder. Little sins have a way of growing into larger sins. And it always starts with a little apple. My days are numbered so I do not have time for the little apples. Neither do you!