We will have a board meeting in March & Josue’ needs to attend. He will go to Family Life with us on Sunday, March 26th & then Dottie & I will go to NC. Josue’ could stay 2 weeks if he has a place to stay & minister. It would be March 28th to April 11th. Let debbie know.

We had the banquet Friday night and Gladys and the older children just made it special. Gretchen, Brandi & Josue’ worked in the baby dorm so the workers could attend the festivities. We have a great staff! The kids also paid for us to have two nights in a hotel. We have the greatest kids on earth.


Buen Pastor boys in front of the memorial to Byron

I know that Jonah was terrified to go to Nineveh because I would have been fearful also. I know that I would have trouble going to preach who had murdered, raped and destroyed my parents and family members. Corrie Tin Boom said that the first time she recognized one of the Nazi guards who had raped her sister in the concentration camp she was filled with hatred. It took her minutes to realize that God loved the man standing before her begging for forgiveness.

I believe also that Jonah realized that Israel had sinned horribly and that God’s instrument for punishing a sinful nation was the rod. War would come and most likely the enemy God would use to attack Israel would be Assyria.

God used invasions, defeat, deaths and captivities all through history to punish those who turned from His will. So maybe he suspected God would use his preaching to Nineveh not to save them but to anger them into attacking Israel.

Our responsibility is to always obey not to always understand.