I wish I could show you pictures & express to you what God has done with the teenagers this week. There have been many salvations & renewing of lives. It has been awesome.

Josue leaves Tuesday for one-week training in Waycross, Ga in telemedicine. He really loves the job.

Bob is working many hours getting the new dorm cabinets, walls & doors installed. Then Gretchen will paint the building.

Marina with the mayor at graduation
Marina with the mayor at graduation

Although God’s heart is broken He will not quit loving His people. God tells Hosea to go and buy Gomer his adulterous and prostitute wife off of the slave block. How embarrassing that had to be to Hosea. All of his friends and the entire town were there to see him buy his own naked wife to return to his home.

God wants to forgive. All of us are like Gomer. We all stand naked before God. We cannot clothe ourselves with our own righteousness. We have NOTHING to justify Jesus paying a price for us and being humiliated in front of the world as He hung on the cross.

God’s love is eternal. It is not like mankind who can flip flop at any moment. We are more like the little girl with the rose petals “He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me….”.

God loves us just as we are if we return to Him. So just like Hosea God restores us to Him even though we have prostituted ourselves by following other gods such as money, sports, self-satisfaction, etc.

We are so unfaithful yet He still loves us.