Adam invited an awesome man to come give his testimony tonight to the children & he was accompanied by one of his employees who was a child here & had a Bible that I had written in twenty years ago. Byron. God is so good to let me know a child turned out good.

One of our older girls, Sandy Karina, needs knee surgery. If you would like to help with the cost just mark your donation when you send it to Debbie in Lake Charles.

Thank you! I just heard from Aroldo that Kaiser (kidney transplant) is swelling so please pray.

Oscar used my car to bring children to court in Esquintla. We need another small van to carry children to court & the hospital.

Guess who won?
Guess who won?


My favorite verse in Hosea is in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”. Knowledge of the Word is the foundation of our spiritual understanding. The priesthood was guilty of not teaching the truth to the people.

Religion had become only rituals and ceremonial.

In Hosea 4:16 the Lord says that Israel had lost her spiritual sensitivity and was living just like the rest of the world. Hosea is letting them know they had reached the point of no return. They only saw religion as a meaningless exercise.

The point of no return for Christian is when we no longer separate from the world of sin that surrounds us. Surely they will now go into captivity for their sin. Their land will be over run and destroyed.

The judgment will come because of their lack of humility. Hosea 5:5 and 13:6. Pride was the greatest sin of all in the days of Hosea and it is our greatest sin today. We live as though we do not need God.