We were to have lunch with Brad who is the son of our board chairman but we miscommunicated. That was a real disappointment as he leaves Friday I believe.  He is visiting Guatemala.

Someone asked me how many children came to Casa since January, 2016 & that number is 134. They also asked how many were saved in 2016 and that number is 163.

Today was the last day for the teachers. All those extra salaries really are a heavy burden on me but not on the Lord.

more treats
more treats


Hosea was a minor prophet. A minor prophet was not less than Isaiah or Ezekiel. His book was simply shorter. Hosea is the story of a great prophet told by God to marry a prostitute.

What God shows is how Israel is unfaithful and rejects God Himself. The main verse in Hosea is 10:13 “You have plowed wickedness, you have reaped injustice, you have eaten the fruit of lies, because you have trusted in your own way”.

Hosea is broken and angry at the rejection of Gomer’s lack of love and total rejection of his love. His marriage is totally unhappy. But that will not stop him for staying in love with his unfaithful wife.

He has three children whom he gives names indicting unfaithfulness (not my child) and without compassion.

My favorite verse in Hosea is in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”. Being ignorant of His Word will destroy individuals, families, churches and even nations which we now see taking place in our world.