“Christ”-mas #3

Dr. Miguel came to see Karina who needs knee surgery. He has been in school in Japan through the last 6 weeks. I wasn’t here because Dottie and I took off for 3 days.

In December 2015 I was as stressed as I could be with the transition looming. In September 2016 for 3 weeks I was as stressed & depressed as any time in my life. Today I am experiencing the most marvelous peace I have ever had. I know I made the right decisions on the young adults I placed in transition positions. God is awesome!

Monday, January 2, we have a new social worker. That will give us two licensed social workers with 2 assistants. CNA has asked we also add a 3rd psychologist. Our expenses keep rising but God has plenty left in His bank.

  The banquet

What a blessing! The work on the dialysis dorm is going well

I will get back to Jonah in a couple of days. When you study the birth of Jesus inevitably you will read Isaiah 9. It is here that the prophet shares with us what I believe are the four names of Jesus. I believe that Wonderful, Counselor is to be read Wonderful Counselor making up one pair of the 4 pairs Isaiah uses to describe Jesus.

Wonderful Counselor indicates His wisdom as well as His direction and guidance to us. It indicates the role of a lawyer who comes alongside of his client (me) and defends me.

Mighty God demonstrates God in the flesh Who cares and is concerned about me. It indicates His provision for me as His child.

Everlasting Father is where we can begin to understand our Father is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Everything in this world and this life will perish but He is eternal and His love is as a Father.

Finally, Jesus is the Prince of Peace. This indicates to me that Christ and Christ alone can give me the peace that my fearing and doubtful heart seeks after.

Have a wonderful Christian Christmas!