Gretchen is painting the new dorm while Bob is building the cabinets.

Dottie did not have a good night because of neck pain she has while keeping her face towards her feet.

Gladys & Oscar took Marlin to get the flowers for the wedding tomorrow.

The dollar fell again down to 7.38 quetzales.


.  For a minimum of 7 days Dottie must keep her head down

The Israelites were looking for the day of the Lord. They thought that God would surely pour out punishments upon the heathen, and give Israel dominion over all the world. But Amos warned: “Prepare to meet thy God.”

He said that the day of the Lord would be a day of thick darkness, and not light. If they thought they were going to get relief in that day they were like the man who runs from a bear and then has to face a lion; or who goes into his house, thinking he will find shelter, and there a snake bites him. The bite of the snake is worse than if the bear had bitten him. There was only one way to escape the wrath of God, and that was to repent and turn from all their sins.

No matter how much people talk about the Bible and claim to be Christians, if they have not been born again there is no hope of escaping God’s judgements for them.