The children have really gotten into the desire to help a poor family a couple of miles from us. It is a father, no wife, with 6 children. So the children brought clothes & food to them.

Gladys has nearly finished all of the Christmas gifts for the children.

Half of the office staff went to the wake for Sebastian’s mother last night & the rest went to the funeral. Dottie has to keep her head down for another week.

We received 8 new children this week.

Another grandchild



Amos 8 gives us the 4th vision to Amos. This was the vision of the summer fruit. This simply meant the harvest was ended and so was the existence of Israel.

Again speaks of the disregard the people had for the poor. It also speaks of the awfulness of God’s judgment. In verses 8-11 Amos says the worst of all famines is famine of not listening to God.

The fifth vision is in chapter 9. This vision is the destruction of the altar and the Temple. He says that the majority will be slain and a remnant will be spared. This is just as what happened in the wilderness when God destroyed all but Joshua and Caleb after their report of the Promised Land.

One special truth of the prophets is they always give a message of hope even while the nation is being judged. God waited an unbelievable 200 years before bringing judgment. He is slow with us also. He gives us plenty of warning and plenty of time to repent.

Amos 9 tells us that God will restore the Davidic Empire and that the kingdom would fall but rise again. In 9:11 it implies there will be many years between the fall and the restoration.