Early this morning Sebastian’s mother passéd away. They were very close & she was so special & proud of him.

Dottie had her surgery early & is back home. We have to be at the hospital tomorrow at 8am. But she is doing well. She still has two eye surgeries left.

Our high school computer lab

It is in Amos 6 that the prophet pronounces the Second Woe which again is concerning the Assyrian captivity.

In chapter six we see the visions of Amos. The first vision is of the locusts. The second is fire and the third God tells them of the plumb line. These first three visions tell them that God is coming against the house of Jeroboam II.

In chapter 7:10-17 Amos tells us of Amaziah who was a false prophet. Amaziah said that Amos was conspiring against the king. He even says that Israel will not be able to bear the words of Amos.

Instead of retaliating Amos begins to intercede for Israel. He interceded for Israel and God did halt His plan of destruction. Twice he prayed and twice God answered.

But the third vision which was that of the captivity did come about.

The plumb is a carpenter’s tool. The line it it establishes is perfectly perpendicular. It is an unquestionable guide that enables one to see what his eye may not see. More visions are to come to Amos.


The longer we live with crooked or bent ideas the more they begin to look normal. That is what has happened to today’s world.