With Dottie having surgery tomorrow we had to go purchase the food for dialysis, cash checks for medicine for dialysis, pay for the surgery & go look for some special “stands” that Dottie wants Gladys & I to use for the wedding. Josue’ is back so that helps.

You should read this before 8am CST so pray for Dottie as that is when she will be entering surgery.

The teens have given nearly $400 & bags of clothes for a family down the road who are in poverty.

Mike, Marlin, Ezras and Dottie

After all of the judgments seen in Amos chapter four we come to chapter 5 where the people still do not repent. Amos laments and weeps over the sin. The people refused to hear the truth and they continue to misuse the poor.

Amazingly we read in Amos that people were still worshipping and going to temple but it was an external worship and not a heart felt worship. When I preach here at Casa I see some who are seated before me as totally uninterested in what I am saying. In body they are “in church” but their heart is far from God.

It is here in Amos 5 that Amos pronounces the First Woe and refers to the “Day of the Lord”. He describes this time as the time of darkness.

He tells them that God would not accept their offerings. God will not listen to their music. It is here that he says that they would be conquered by Assyrian. Amos warns that they had better be just and righteous.