The shots in the eyes, medication & treatment did not work on Dottie. She will have surgery Wednesday that entails draining the eye & removing a membrane

. A Rotary Club will come Sunday with gifts The non-abusive parents will visit all day Saturday because again we will not allow children to go home for Christmas.

We have decided to buy 50% of the school supplies and 50% of the shoes in early January which will cost about $35,000. In June we will purchase the other 50%.

Gladys and I will have to do the flowers for the wedding.

Minor proposing to Angelica


Amos was a prophet at the same time as Hosea and Jonah. The most quoted verse in Amos is 5:24 “Let Justice run down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream”.

Amos means “load” or “burden”. He identifies himself as a shepherd and a keeper of sycamore trees. He was called while in the wilderness with his shepherds. When I read the book of Amos I see a man who cared for the poor.

The times in which he lived was a time of tremendous prosperity . Many even had summer and winter homes. The people pampered themselves. Amos was not upset by the prosperity of the wealthy but rather the way they lived and ignored the poor.

The wealthy were prideful, living in luxury, selfish, greedy, oppression and moral decay. This led to their ignoring God and the entrance of Amos to tell Israel that judgment was coming if they did not repent.

In chapter 4 God sent famine. Then He sent drought. Then He sent pestilence. Then He sent death. Then He sent destruction. Still they refused to turn from sin.