We went early to Antigua and bought all of the flowers for the Quinceaneras then in the afternoon each girl made her own bouquete to carry tomorrow. The teachers worked for hours decorating the blue building for the activities tomorrow. This is such an exciting time.

Dottie & I will be at Family Life in Lafayette Louisiana on Sunday March 26th. So we wouwekopl[;ld love to share within 150 miles of Lake Charles on Sunday April 19th and Sunday April 2nd and any day of the week. This is a shorter trip which is better for my health and if we can be withing those limits it would help tremendously. Call us.

Sindy will not be operated on so that she can return to Casa and walk as a Quinceanera and then return to the hospital.

Women are here giving facials and doing hair and all the little “girlie” things and it is all being done in the midst of construction on the little boy’s dorm, the new sewer and the hospital construction.

Pablo left here 12 years ago & came yesterday with his wife and daughter. They spent the night. They lost a child three years ago and he is still suffering so deeply.


The laughter of the enemy can have no affect on the Word. The first attack of the enemy is how do you stand up when being ridiculed. We are fools for Christ. Who laughs last? Nehemiah understood that fact.

After trying to dishearten you with ridicule then your enemy will conspire with a plot to destroy Nehemiah and stop the work. Whispers, back-bites, ridicule openly and to go below and uproot your labor of love. Those building the wall said “We do not have any money and need to stop working so we can feed them”.

I understand this very well. The first little church I pastored paid me barely enough to feed my kids and put gasoline in the car. Being a man or woman of God means taking a stand even if it cost you something. Serving God cost but the cost for not doing what God called you to do is more costly. Greed is used to destroy the work.

Third, Satan will try to turn you from your labor. The enemy asks Nehemiah to come down off of the wall and talk for a while. The devil loves to divert Christians from what God has called them to do. Nehemiah refused!

Every job worth doing needs to be completed. Do not get diverted. There are so many distractions today on Sundays that the Word is being preached less and less. Congregations are coming off the wall to go to ball games, TV, etc.

The last thing the enemy does is give fear. They tell Nehemiah that they will kill him if he keeps working. Never let the job of God stop due to your fears. Nehemiah had half the folks standing with swords while others worked. It takes laborers and prayer warriors to get God’s job accomplished.

Without Your Prayers Dottie and I Can Never Finish the Job!!!