The surgery on Sindy was 3 hours long but the catheter is not working. Another surgery will be done tomorrow. She has suffered so long.

Another surgery i scheduled for November 22nd on the eye of a baby in Estrelitas.

CNA wants us to hire a second social worker due to the workload.

40 of our boys went to a pizza party at the White House in El Tejar.

Tim & Patty have a meeting with PGN tomorrow and then in two weeks with CNA so the adoption of Michelle is moving forward.


Tug of war
Tug of war

The first thing the enemy will do is make fun of your work. When the enemy saw Nehemiah and the people rebuilding the walls they joked that even a fox running on that wall would destroy it. People who do not understand will always degrade your efforts as a Christian.

The devil wants to dishearten us. Satan desires that we quit before we go too far. I remember years ago on a Sunday morning I entered the building we had rented for our services and no one was there. Not even Dottie because one of our children was ill. There was a famous “well known” minister at the Lake Charles Civic Center and my entire congregation went to hear him preach.

I was so saddened that I started to leave but decided it was a perfect time to have a song service. I do my best singing when I am alone. I have perfect pitch as long as no one but God is listening. So I began to worship the Lord and the more I worshipped the more my sadness decreased.

A few minutes after the hour we should have begun the door opened and a face of someone I did not know looked in. Shocked to see an empty building with a yodeling preacher he began to back away when I acknowledged him and invited him in. When he entered he had his wife and son with him.

I preached as though the building was filled with worshippers. At the end of the service both adults came forward to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. They were still members of my church when Dottie and I left to come to Guatemala.

The Devil Could Not Laugh Anymore That Day!!