Tremendous needs of prayer. Sindy had diarrhea this morning so the surgery was postponed yet again for her new catheter. The nephrologists told us there is a strong possibility that Keyser will receive a transplant within two weeks if his mother stays healthy. Please pray because this is life changing.

We received 4 new children at 4am.

Today was the first rehearsal of graduation, etc. This is an exciting time for all the children. There will be kindergarten, 6th grade, Junior High and High School graduation and the presentation of the Quinceaneras all within a 3 hour span including thousands of photographs.



I know this is more of a preaching than a teaching on a Bible character but Nehemiah hits me close to home. When Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem he had families work on the wall nearest their own property. He knew it would mean more to them.

When we build churches or pastor’s homes, now over 130, we always expect the congregation to help as best they can. Some can lay blocks or do carpentry or plumbing but most cannot. But they can mix concrete, carry water, provide meals, etc. Nehemiah was no dummy. If it is close to our heart we will work much harder.

You must look at the job God is presenting to you. What is required of you, your family, your time and your funds? The second thing you need to look at is if you can organize yourself well enough to complete the job. God is a God of order so you must know what you want to accomplish and how you will do it.

Third you must provide the inspiration to get it done. Getting the dream out of my heart into the hearts of others has been difficult but now those children who grew up here and are now adults and stepping into my shoes have the dream.

Nehemiah was good at all three things. He knew what was required; he organized the people and he left the people with a dream. Nehemiah could not do all the work alone and neither could I.

But then the enemies hear about it. They did not have a desire to see the walls rebuilt. They worked then just like the devil works today. Tune in tomorrow and see what you can expect if you want to do a job for God.