Sindy had high blood pressure so her surgery is delayed until tomorrow.

Duke is making beds; Josh is doing electrical work in Buen Pastor while Larry and Felipe are building walls and laying tile in the new little boy’s dorm. Gretchen, Brandi, Bob, Adam and, in fact, everyone is doing so well

We bought the food for the Quinceaneras and their trip to the hotel. There are 16 teenage girls so that is a mountain of groceries.

Educational dart game
Educational dart game


When we have a burden God simply says to our heart “Why don’t you do something about it?” Nehemiah was a prisoner although he was in a place of trust.

But he was burdened enough to weep and pray. Let me tell you that when I returned to Lake Charles after only 6 days in Guatemala Dottie asked me “How was the trip”. I began to cry and I cried and cried and cried. You see when you have a burden it will lead to tears and the tears will lead to prayers.

For a man in bondage Nehemiah had it made. Unless someone poisoned the food Nehemiah made a good living. But all of a sudden his life is upside down. His countrymen in Jerusalem are suffering. What could Nehemiah possibly do in such a situation?

Do you know what is the worst sin a man can commit before a king in the days of Nehemiah? Anyone who entered before the king in sadness was put to death. Esther would realize this and have to pick her time to speak to her husband the king. Remember she said, “If I die I die”. She knew the penalty for entering before a king with a sad face.

The music was cheerful and the food was plentiful. Kings did not like to be reminded of mortality. But here the king seems to regard Nehemiah as more than just a servant. He had a high regard for Nehemiah so he asks him why he is so sad.

Nehemiah tells him that his home, Jerusalem, is under invasion, persecuted and suffering greatly. Nehemiah says, “I want to do something about it. Let me go back and help my people”. Surprisingly the king agrees.

We Have Not Because We Ask Not!