A very busy day of preperation for Oklahoma. Signing checks, getting groceries & a few other jobs have to be complete before we fly out Friday.

Jeremy is working to get the electrical fixed in our house. Grethen is pricing a stove, a refrigerator, washer/driver and hot water tanks for the new dorm.

Dr. Hines went to the Rotary Club with Josue as they want to be a partner with Rotary in the states to help us get supplies.

Last week Mark had 40 boys up to the white house in El Tejar for pizza and today he had 40 of the girls for pizza.

Adela was #1 academic student
Adela was #1 academic student so she carries the Guatemalan flag to all events.



Job never did learn why God allowed him to go through so much suffering. But unlike most of us Job did learn to accept his circumstances. In Ezekiel 14 God names Daniel, Noah and Job as righteous men. That is pretty good company isn’t it?

Suffering is part of life. We do not want it but we know deep down eventually we will experience it. Suffering certainly is the best teacher of patience. Enduring is necessary because I really do not have any idea of how strong my faith is until I suffer.

The lesson I most deeply learned when my children died was that God truly would make something good out of the worst suffering of my and Dottieā€™s lives.If they had lived we would have loved and rised 3 children but instead we have loved and raised 5400.