The girls had a great time the last 3 days and as usual did not want to come back home.

Dr. Hines is here with a small team. They had a meal for the older gorls.

We began packing tonight for Oklahoma.

It is wonderful to have Christian teachers.
It is wonderful to have Christian teachers.

Pleasure is the strongest weapon of Satan. The more people have the easier it is to lose sight of what God has done. But Job would not take the bait. He remained faithful.

So Satan asks permission from God to give Job pain. God set the limits of the pain. He told him what he could and could not do. We see no evidence of Job’s wife being angry or losing faith until her husband was struck with physical disease. That was her breaking point. That was her “Oh why us God?” moment.

She would actually tell Job to curse God and die. I have no doubt but that was hard on Job. When the one you love turns against God and wants you to do the same the rejection would be overwhelming. Job was not going to walk away from God so this would have been the deepest pain. Sadly many people have chosen family over Jesus.