God is so good. Keiser is cleared for his kidney transplant on the 21st. Pray as we now give him strong medication in preparation & that his mother will stay healthy.

My brother-in-law, Jim, will be honored at the Arkansas game this weekend along with all purple heart recipients of past wars.

The qinceaneras met a friend

The qinceaneras met a friend

In the book of Job 1:8 the Holy Spirit writes that Job was an upright and blameless man. I do not believe we can find that Said of too many if any other people in history. Yet, as you know, Job seems to suffer as much as any man who has ever lived. Living a trouble free and prosperous life would be the dream of any man or woman.

Dottie, my wife, was born into a happy Christian home and lived a life centered around Christ, family and friends. Yet at an early age her mother passed away. No one will walk through this life without bumps and bruises.

Satan, the accuser, accuses Job of loving God only because he was so blessed. The truth is that many people are faithful church members yet when there are unexpected disasters like divorce, disease, loss of job or the like those people seem to walk away blaming God for their trouble.

His family is killed, his crops and animals are destroyed, his body is racked with disease yet Job continues to trust God. His ‘friends’ come up with all the same arguments we use today as to why he suffered. But Job held fast knowing that if we accept the good from God we must also accept the unexpected even when we do not understand.