Jeremy & his family left after working for nearly a month on the new little boy’s dorm. And, to top it off, he is returning for a week in January with the Tulsa group when we have the goal of finishing the little dorm & the dialysis unit.

Kaiser is doing so very well. The transplant is as good as anyone could have hoped. Aroldo keeps saying, “Daddy, God is so good.” I agree.

We had services in the evening as another group came in the morning to have activities with Vencedores.

I was outside picking up trash from the wedding when I walked back towards my house to see all of the children’s church kids and their teachers surrounding our house and praying for Dottie & me.

Jim & Kate returned from the states today.

Praying over our home
Praying over our home


There seems to be a number of men and women in the Bible who were of the feeling that they were not capable to fulfill the call of the Lord on their lives. We know Moses felt unable and in the New Testament Peter also feel inadequate. Jeremiah was another of God’s great men who was hesitant to trust God.

So the first thing I would say to all of us that making excuses I will never hold-up with God. When He calls us it is because He trusts in us. It is not about my believing in myself but that God believes in me. You are NEVER inadequate when God lays His hand on you.

Jeremiah also had many difficulties in his ministry as do all of us. Problems and difficulties are always there but God promises us to take us through. He was ignored and hated but he endured and that is all God asks of us.

I believe that the one quality that continued to rise in the life of Jeremiah was his compassion. If you love others you will win.