Dorothy & Ricardo’s wedding was a major project as Ricardo’s church family had very different ideas than Dottie. But Dottie was gracious as always & they are now married which was the main objective. There were 11 groomsmen & maids. Brandi was the maid-of-honor. Honestly, it was chaos . There were over300 guests plus our children. I will pay the next couple to elope.

The wedding
The wedding

Since Judah will not listen to the warnings given to 5 kings by Jeremiah over a 40 year period God will use the Babylonians as His instrument of judgment. Three other prophets were ministering during this period. They were Habakkuk, Zephaniah and Ezekiel.

Jeremiah is born during the reign of Manasseh who was known as the most evil of all of Judah’s kings. So for 40 years he warns them even predicting exactly the 70 years they will spend in captivity should they not repent. They do not listen.

Jeremiah was possibly the most disliked in all of history. He was hated! At one point the attacks against him were so horrible he wished that he had never been born. God will actually fuss at Jeremiah because of his self-pity.

Jeremiah was told by God not to marry. Having a wife and possibly children and subjecting them to the horror to come upon Jeremiah would be unfair to the family. So Jeremiah does not have a companion to help him through the pain and suffering. So he is truly isolated and alone.