The website is back up. I want to thank everyone behind the scenes in getting this done. Welcome back! Antony,

Bubba & Sandra’s son, had another procedure done on the varicose veins in his stomach. It was a two hour procedure & he has returned to Casa. Both the baby(eye) and Kaiser(kidney transplant) are doing well.

Gladys & Josue’ went to pick up Christmas gift we purchased.


img_7624A true minister of God does not need public recognition. Isaiah served God and was never appreciated for his wisdom or his relationship with the Lord. We should never look for nor should we need the public spotlight. Isaiah was never concerned about how his reputation but only how his message was received.

When you read the Book of Isaiah one thing sticks out above all others and that is that even though he was preaching repentance and holiness to the people he, himself, was deeply aware of his own sins. I believe that one great Biblical truth is missing in pulpits around the world. Every man or woman who stands in a pulpit needs to feel his own unworthiness. You are a mouthpiece for a holy God. None of us deserve to be blessed as we are blessed with the privilege of preaching the Word. “All are sinners”.

The last thing I will mention is that there was very little response to the Word as Isaiah shared for 53 years but it did not stop him from telling the truth. The reaction of those to whom we preach should never be our guide as to whether we did “good” or not. The question is “Did we preach what He told us to preach?”.