The day began with bad news about the kidney transplant but just a few moments ago Aroldo contacted me and the surgery is on for 8am. PLEASE PRAY!!

We shopped a little and had a meal with George, Shannon and their children. Ready to get home tomorrow evening. Praying that the news about Kaiser will be good when we arrive.

Our children at the volcano near us. They won this trip.
Our children at the volcano near us. They won this trip.

America as well as all nations are rushing towards judgment. Many churches and Christians are fearful and the best they can do is complain. But Ezra lived amidst two of the most evil empires to ever exist. He found something that worked 100s of years ago and since God does not change we need to study what Ezra learned.

First, we see he was a scribe and means he wrote down everything he heard from God. You need to listen to sermons and Bible studies and write what touches your heart.

Secondly, Ezra studied what he had written. You van have hundreds of note books filled with thousands of sermons but if you do not go back and read those lessons and study them they are useless.

Thirdly, Ezra was touched to let others know what he learned from God. It is the good news and we need to share what we learn. Teaching is a tremendous ministry and God needs His teachers.

Fourthly, Ezra LIVED what he learned and taught. He did not say from a pulpit and walk away. He lived it daily. He demonstrated what he learned. He was a living object lesson.