The morning service was a blessing & the people of Trinity Baptist were so receptive. We ate lunch with the pastors and then there was a banquet. No good for my weight. There were other missionaries shared in the evening so we met some truly dedicated people.


A special kite
A special kite

The Persian king did not just allow Ezra to return to Jerusalem with 7000 men, women and children. He loaded them down with gold and silver so that they could decorate the Temple. Remember Pharaoh gave fold and silver to Moses and the Israelites when they left Egypt. God always pays our way.

In Ezra 8:23 we learn that the Persians wanted to send a small army to protect Ezra through dangerous but Ezra refused. He prayed and fasted for protection. He was going to trust God and no one else.

Entering the land Ezra has his heart broken as the Jews who were there had intermarried with the unbelievers who lived nearby. Ezra was not like Mike Clark. He did not rant and rave and tell the people how sinful they were. He again began to fast and pray. You can see thus far that Ezra fought every battle on his knees and with his stomach. He fasted constantly it seems and prayer was his answer was in every situation.

By chapter 10 of Ezra the people are weeping and acknowledging their sins. They even separate from their pagan spouses.