God gave me a blessing. I slept over 12 hours. That was how tired I was. I am awaiting word from Aroldo about Keiser and the transplant.

The weather was below freezing during the night so I am working on tomorrow’s sermon for Trinity Baptist as well as the wedding message for Ricardo and Dorothy. They have invited more than 300 guests so Casa will be filled with folks.

We went to Christian Book stores today as that is the strongest lust I possess. Christian books are my passion.

Now, a few hours later, Aroldo has emailed to say the mother now has a physical problem with one kidney. Satan is really fighting this transplant. But there is still a chance the transplant will be this week.

It looks like there was an error on MY part while moving responsibility for the website is what caused the website to go down and I am sorry for inconveniencing everyone. I think it will be up in the next couple of days & fully operational again. Thank you all for your patience.

Quienceaneras swimming
Quienceaneras swimming

What we would expect from Ezra as priest would be for him to offer the sacrifices in the Temple. But 150 years have passed since the Temple was destroyed. So instead of offering he begins teaching the people of the Word of God.

I am not a good teacher but I do realize that is what God called me to do. In the realm of ministry of God I cannot sing so music ministry is out of the picture. I never enjoyed pastoring. Evangelism is way above my abilities.

I love to sing but that scares people. I love to teach more than anything else. When people first visit our small home here at Casa where Dottie they are amazed that the 1000s of book, commentaries, outlines, dictionaries and study material. Since I never went to seminary I have seminarized myself. (That is not a word).

The basis of my love for teaching is that scripture Ezra 7:10 “seek it, do it, teach it”. I know I drive KAJN radio in Crowley as my daily radio shows are not just sent to them weekly or monthly. I love teaching so much I just sit and teach and there are always 6 months of radio shows ahead. That is a total of 120 programs.

In fact Dottie asked me why I do that and I told her that when I die and people here me teaching they will think, “I thought that old man was dead”. But His Word never dies. I will be preaching on radio and listening in heaven.