Minor, not our son, proposed to Angelica who is Celia’s sister. She said yes. He has been coming every Sunday to Bible and to see her for over a year. So we feel very good bout their future together. The wedding will be in 10 months.

The truck I just had fixed broke down in less than a week.

Would you believe that we have totally rewired the new house/boy dorm & it has power on tonight? God is so good!

Seniors with diplomas
Seniors with diplomas

Dorcas, the girl from Casa who is now our accountant made her first major presentation to IGSS which is comparable to social security in the USA. They went over our books for the last year and she was given a thumbs up. I am so proud of her.

At the same time Sebastian was attending a meeting with CNA where they were questioning one of their policies that we hve always thouht was incorrect. And they asked the directors what they thought so sebastian gave his opinion which was the majority opinion so again the young people on the trnsition team have the reins of the ministry.


Mordecai, a Jew, is roughly fifteen years older than his young cousin, an orphan named Esther. It will be Mordecai who tells Esther not to reveal to the king that she is Jewish.Esther is likely in her twenties. After 4 years of waiting Esther was taken to King Ahasuerus. And then this, “The king loved Esther more than all the other women.”

Not long after Esther is crowned, and this is where the story gets fascinating, her cousin Mordecai is sitting at the entrance to the palace. He overhears a plot to kill the king and he reports it.

You come in to chapter 3 and you’re introduced to the next main character in the book which is a man named Haman, Haman. This is a man who had been exalted by the king, a capable man, a Persian man, a man who had been lifted up above other princes and other royal officials.

However there is a problem. He hates Jews and he especially hates Mordecai because Mordecai refuses to bow down to him. Now we will see why God put Esther in the position of queen. God has a plan or purpose in everything that happens.