Dottie & I will be at Family Life in Lafayette Louisiana on Sunday March 26th. Then we will fly to Charlotte, NC and be there for Sunday April 2nd and Sunday April 9th and any day of the week. If you are in that area and want us call Larry Oakes at 704-695-4441 and he will schedule it with Debbie. This is a shorter trip which is better for my health and if we can be withing those limits it would help tremendously. Call us.

The graduation and all the activities were the best of any ever in the many years we have been at Casa. Walking Sindy was a great thrill. So sick and yet so beautifu!. She and Sindy II did not want to remove their quinceanera dresses all day. Walking her makes every day of the last 27 years worth it.

Cindy and me
Sindy and me

The king in the book of Esther is none other than Xerxes, the son of Darius who fought the Greeks and ultimately lost the Persian Empire to the power of the Greeks. The king is mentioned 175 times and God is not mentioned once.

Many Jews went back to Israel under the decree of Cyrus, the grandfather of Ahasuerus,. They went back; they rebuilt the city of Jerusalem. They rebuilt the temple, the second temple. They reestablished themselves in the land. However, there were a large number of those Jewish people who had been exiled to Babylon who remained there.

The king as a banquet and after 7 days of drinking he wants to show off his wife, Vashti, who refuses. So Ahasuerus, simply dumps her and holds a beauty contest that Esther wins. He does not realize that the woman he selects is Jewish. Satan will attempt to destroy the Jews but God has a secret weapon:Esther.