Josue’ and I went and bought the candy for Christmas.

The teenagers are so excited about the week long “camp” even though they cannot leave off campus because of rules made by the judges 2 years ago.

Gladys has been accepted by Fraternidad Cristiano to attend seminary. I am so proud of her.

The women’s Bible group had an early Christmas party. I ate carrots alone.

The Christmas tree in Estelitas
The Christmas tree in Estelitas

After serving Nebuchadnezzar Daniel will serve King Belshazzar for 20 years before God speaks again. At a banquet God writes a message on the wall and at that very moment the Persians are entering the city.

So Babylon is finished and now the Persian king, Darius, is in control and will reorganize all of his lands into 120 provinces. Darius recognizes Daniel’s wisdom but his men hate Daniel. They set a trap to destroy him.

You now the story of Daniel praying before God in the window for all to see and as a result the king has to keep his word and throws Daniel into the den of lions.

Wisdom, integrity and honorableness will always be recognized and used by God to fulfill His purposes. Daniel had a life of prayer and conviction that gave him the courage to trust God until the very end.

Daniel teaches us to pray and hold fast while God does the work.