Dr. Miguel came to tell me goodbye as he leaves for Japan tomorrow.

I made 30 radio shows & lost my voice in the process.

Tonight Ezdras who is our so-in-law graduated with his Theology Degree and will begin his Doctorate in January. We all are so proud of him.

Playing Marbles
Playing Marbles

Rachel cries out to Jacob, “Give me a child or I will die”. We know that it was not Jacob’s problem. It was her barrenness. When we need something besides God to make us happy we are in trouble. God says that we can gain the world and lose our souls. Things of this world were never meant to give us happiness.

There will never be happiness in “things”. Our happiness is a byproduct of our relationship with God. Focusing on what you do not have will lead to death. Rachel will die in childbirth.

Rachel was envious of Leah and envy is not just coveting what another has but it is evil and not only wants it but does not want the other person to have anything. She wanted children for the wrong reason.

Rachel will give Jacob her concubine and then Leah will do the same. Now there were children everywhere. People want to control their futures. There are two things that drive our lives. Approval and achievement!

God will select what others reject. No one wanted the older sister Leah but God placed His hand upon her.

The problem becomes one of achievement. Both Leah and Rachel see having children with Jacob as a competition. It was a desperate attempt at receiving his approval by what they were able to achieve.

God loves you for who you are and not for what you do.