I actually stayed in bed all day. Flu? I do not know.

Josue’ & Gladys went shopping for Christmas for the older children. We would like to give shirts, skirts, pants and shoes to the teenagers.

Yesterday was a national holiday so we allowed our staff to work yesterday and had today off. Three day weekends are nice for our overworked staff!

A teacher praying for the children at closing ceremonies.
A teacher praying for the children at closing ceremonies.

Elijah wanted that his era was the end of the world. And even though the prophecies of disaster and death were spoken to Ahab and Jezebel they would live on for many years. I believe that we are living in the time where many Christians are saying, “Oh Lord just take me home. Bring an end to the horribleness that exists upon this earth”.

But the truth is we are not nearing the end. Too much scripture indicates that there will be more generations born. The question is: Are we willing to run our race and pass the baton to those who follow. Immediate escape is not an option for you and me.

A few weeks ago I was in the darkest point in my life. I was physically ill, emotionally drained and spiritually struggling. I went into the wilderness of a beautiful 400 acre farm where I walked for hours asking God to remove me. Take me home!

I entered a barn on that farm and cried like a baby. I begged God to give me rest and vision. He showed me the baton in my hand. For nearly 28 years I have been running a race that He set before me. Like Elijah I just wanted to go home to my Father.

But, just like Elijah, God gave me rest in an isolated cabin and fed me by an angel (Shawna) and when the time came to return to Guatemala I was revived. I have slept EVERY night all night ever since I returned. I have a clearer vision and I have asked God as Elisha did to give me a double portion so Dottie and I can run the race THROUGH the finish line.