I preached this morning on my battle with stress. The number of children & adults who responded was so sweet to my heart. I know so many of my children hurt deeply.

A couple from Louisiana arrived.

We dedicated Freddy & Iris’s baby. So many children, now adults, come on Sunday for Bible. I am rushing towards my dream of being abuello(grandfather).


A hurting finger
A hurting finger


The lessons we learn from Elijah would take me an entire year to put on a blog like this. His first words recorded in scripture were spoken when he faced Ahab and Jezebel. Jezebel worshipped the Canaanite god Baal who was the god of RAIN and fertility. The misery of that marriage is a lesson for us today. If you marry an unbeliever the end will not be pretty.

Baal worship was all about gratifying the flesh. When there was a draught they would sacrifice a child to appease their god. Marrying an unbeliever will cost you to sacrifice.

I wanted to date Dottie so badly when I was in college but she refused because I was unsaved. She stood her ground and her father led me to Jesus. We married and I assure you had we married before I was born again it would have been a disaster.

When he said that there would be no rain he also said “Jehovah before whom I stand” even though he was standing in the palace of Ahab. So wherever we are we are still standing before God. That is a truth that should shake you and I to our utmost. When I lose my temper with a child or an employee I am standing before God at that moment. If I lie, steal or am breathing I am standing before God.

That is a sobering thought!