Luis in dialysis who left at 18 earlier this year passed away in the hospital. Arolodo is brokenhearted.

Board members Wes, Thom & Mark left today.

After the staff meeting we looked at sewer problems at Ezdras’s house; met with the bank, met with a lawyer and I spoke with Felipe about the hospital construction. I am relieved that the Tulsa team has delayed their trip to finish the inside of the hospital until January. The delay will help us as we are so busy.

Finals go through Wednesday and then that is the End for the School Year.

Kids are happy as this is the last 3 days of school.
Kids are happy as this is the last 3 days of school.


As I finish my brief lessons on David: Someone wrote the following:

  1. A relationship with God takes time. David spent those hours, days and years in the wilderness with the sheep but speaking to God.
  2. Good friends are necessary. Jonathan helped David live even though it would cost Jonathan his chance as king. We need one another.
  3. There is no one who is immune to the temptations of the flesh. Satan never quits regardless of our age or status.
  4. Confession is needed first if we are seeking restoration. David realized what a sinful mess he had made and only God could deliver him. But first David had to be honest with himself and God.
  5. Parents who are not involved with their children will face calamity. David was warrior, song writer, psalmist, king and politician but he forgot about his children.


To possess God we must be willing to humble ourselves and confess our sins if we desire His hand upon us.