Last day of shopping for Dottie. We also picked up the necklaces from Malcolm for the 15 year olds for graduation ceremonies.

The boys who live in my house painted the new little boys dorm.

I went to the airport to show the TSA folks the amalgamator for the dental clinic. They showed me how to wrap it but said it probably will be opened by customs. They would not allow it to go as a carry on so please pray that we have favor going through customs on both sides of the border.

Our last 4 nights have been here thanks to Mark & Gina
Our last 4 nights have been here thanks to Mark & Gina. We love Lake Charles.


David becomes very popular and his presence is a constant reminder to Saul that Saul was a chicken. He tried to kill David as David’s popularity grew. But the son of Saul, Jonathan, realized that David was God’s choice for the future and not Jonathan himself to be king.

David becomes Saul’s son-in-law by marriage to Michal the daughter of Saul. Jonathan and Michal will help David escape but until the end of his life Saul continues to kill David. David could have killed Saul on numerous occasions but never could. During these years of Saul pursuing David the army of David never was larger than 600 soldiers.

It never is about numbers with God! Churches and pastors love to talk about numbers. “Oh we had 400 in Sunday school” or “Our auditorium will seat 1000”. But God only needs one man faithful to Him and God will provide the victory. Remember Gideon and his huge army that God whittled down to 300 faithful men? They were outnumbered 100 fold but they won.

Because the battle is always about the Lord.