Today Dr. Hines came to Lake Charles and brought Dottie I I a very special guest. You will know of it later.

In Guatemala, the Rotarians came to check on the Soymilk mechanical cow and they were pleased. We are picking up the last items we need for Friday when we leave for home.

Sunday afternoon we will have 10 physicians from the Moore Clinic to visit Casa.

Thom is better looking but I am older
Thom is better looking but I am older


Finally the Philistines come to fight Israel and as the two armies faced one another a tremendous figure stood before them. It was Goliath who was over 9 feet tall. He had 4 brothers who were giants also.

The very sight of Goliath caused all of the army of Israel and their king, Saul, to tremble. It was much like my first day of football practice in college when I saw the sizes of some of my teammates. I shook as did Saul and all of Israel.

But David arrived with a picnic basket for his brothers who were frightened of Goliath so they just screamed at little 17 year old David asking him why he was there. David asked them what was wrong with them and they pointed towards Goliath.

The Bible tells us David did not try to be someone else. Saul told him to wear Saul’s own armor but David said no. He stooped and picked up 5 smooth stones probably thinking, “once I kill this big guy his other 4 brothers will attack me.” David was ready for whatever the enemy had in store.

You and I need the stone. “Build Your House on the Rock” is the name of our ministry because God has many stones for us to use against the devil and his imps. Goliath was much larger than both Saul and David. But he was not larger than God.