We had a restless night although we were worn out from the flights to Dallas then to Lake Charles. Must be the excitement as we prepared bags for going home to Guatemala Friday.

In the afternoon we were able to see some of our grandchildren which is both a happy & a sad occasion knowing it will months before we see them again.

While we were in the states someone had forged my signature on 3 checks totaling about $700. When I emailed Sebastian & said that there were three deposits for those amounts he said the bank itself repaid the checks. God gives us such favor.



The story of David is so familiar that I hesitate to try and do it justice. He was the baby boy of Jesse and was the 8th son born. His childhood was spent in Bethlehem and all of his childhood was spent tending to the flocks of his father.

It is in this place of solitude that David begins his relationship with God. If we are to hear the voice of God we will need to spend time alone with Him. As I write this I am near the end of our 18 days in the cabin in Tennessee where we were in a “hollow” unreachable by TV, Internet or telephone.

Dottie and I have roamed the forest around us and prayed earnestly together each night for the young people we have ordained to take Casa forward. The decision as to WHO we placed in each position is settled in our hearts as the right choices. There are 6-8 more young people whom God has spoken to us about in these forests who will be added soon.

Most of the Americans we now have are people of prayer, called of God and dedicated to helping the transition. But just like David both the Guatemalan young people and the American staff need to see that they have their solitude and hear His voice.

As you know God became displeased with Saul and removed His Spirit from him and placed it upon David. That is my prayer for all who read this is that God will place His Spirit upon you and use you for His glory.