We are back in Lake Charles arriving at 10:30pm at the house. Tired from the journey but well rested from the cabin in the forest. When we arrived from Dallas we saw Margaret who is Tim’s wife–he is our dentist–and she was on the same flight. So we visited with them.

Victor Hugo and Celia just emailed and asked if we would pray for their daughter, Gizzy, who will have her tonsils removed Wednesday.

Dottie and I with Thom and Shawna our hosts for 16 days.
Dottie and I with Thom and Shawna our hosts for 16 days.

Acts 13:22 “When God had removed Saul, He raised up David as king, to whom also He gave testimony and said, I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart, who will do My will”.

It is hard to argue with the Word of God. David was an adulterer, murderer, liar as well as a terrible father. Yet God says that David had a heart after God Himself. If this does not encourage you I can think of nothing else to say.

David is king when the great nations of Egypt, Assyria and Babylon are in free fall. Their power is weakening. But there still were the Philistines on the west and the Ammonites on the east of David’s kingdom.

David will forever be known as the greatest king in the history of Israel. It is David who establishes Jerusalem as the religious and political seat of Israel. If you read the Bible you know many chapters are devoted to David and at least 73 Psalms were written by him.

Sadly David will have the adulterous affair with Bathsheba and although God forgave him, his family and the kingdom will never be the same. Our personal sins affect more than just us. It affects everyone who knows us.