Yesterday was our son Chad’s 44th birthday.

Sue, of Larry and Sue fame, had successful eye surgery yesterday. I miss them. Her sister, Connie, is in the hospital and needs prayer.

Yesterday we unloaded a truck of firewood.

Dottie & I walked through downtown and then visited a cave supposedly inhabited for 1000s of years by Native Americans. Then we toured a very well presented museum.

We are ready to return to Guatemala but obviously this has been a wonderful time of rest and prayer for us.

Mother Duck
Mother Duck


The result of Samuel having two sons who did not follow God left the nation in a quandary. They realized Samuel was aging so they began to cry out for a king. Israel had always looked to God as their Leader but now they were to focus on a man.

Samuel refused but God spoke to him and said, “They have not rejected you, they have rejected Me”. Saul becomes the first king and he is a disaster in the making. He is vain and prideful and worse is the fact that he is not obedient to God. We will look at Saul later but here is what we learn from Samuel.

First, parents have great influence on the lives of their children. Hannah had dedicated her son to God. Second, worship is important in the life of a child. Too many parents do not teach their children to worship God. Lastly, IT ALWAYS COMES DOWN TO CHOICES!! Whether you are a Samuel or a Saul your children will choose for themselves.