Charlie Rogers, the evangelist who first brought me to Guatemala, has resigned from the WMF executive board after decades in order to continue training his 4,000 pastors in Africa. Yes, over 4,000 pastors! He has been a friend to us for over 40 years.

His note made me think of other blessings that I have besides Dottie, family, friends and Casa. The transition team God put together is working.

Over 3 years has passed since any of our dialysis children have died.

The new facility for caring for more children with kidney failure will have the interior complete by the end of November.

Kevin who is taking his last two entrance tests for medical school today and tomorrow has done so well.

We will have had 3 weddings this year. 4 of the 6 participants were raised at Casa and marrying Christians.

The extra dorm for little boys will be completed shortly. The visitor’s schedule for 2017 is quickly filling up.

The soymilk production is in swing.Moooooooooooooo

The blessings keep coming.

Josue cracked 2 bones
Josue cracked 2 bones




In I Samuel 7:8 the people beg Samuel “Do not cease to cry out to God for us that He might save us from the Philistines”.

You will remember that his mother, Hannah, had given Samuel as a young child to Eli for him to be instructed in the things of the Lord. Samuel not only is a high priest but he is also the last judge of Israel. In fact, he is considered the greatest judge in the history of Israel.


At this point in history Israel is a mess and Eli is a horrible father who cannot control his two sons. The Philistines are the most ferocious warriors on the planet as they have discovered iron and their weapons were no match for the Israelites.

The death of Eli and his two sons by the judgment of God brought forth Samuel into ministry. The Israelites have confidence in Samuel and cry out for him to deliver them.

Samuel also had two sons who were ungodly and proved unworthy of following their father as either high priest or judge.

So what happens?