We had a wonderful blessing. We attended a Messianic Jewish church service. Karem, Adonai, The Vineyard of the Lord, and the Rabbi read many scriptures both in h e Old an New Testament and shared a wonderful message.

Augustine & Dania grew up at Casa & he emailed to say she is very ill so please add her to your prayer lists.

We drove down to a Jamaican food festival on the river but it was so hot, crowded and lines so long we walked through and left. Our hosts worked at a food bank distributing food to the poor.

Tribe of Manasseh


The result of Samuel having two sons who did not follow God left the nation in a quandary. They realized Samuel was aging so they began to cry out for a king. Israel had always looked to God as their Leader but now they were to focus on a man.

In Israel Ruth will get work as a gleaner who was the lowest type of work a person could get. The lowest class was the gleaners. You followed the harvesters and you gathered the scraps dropped on the ground.

But her hard work and diligence and love for her mother-in-law soon was noticed by Boaz the wealthy owner of the property. He instructed his harvesters to deliberately leave some of the grain in Ruth’s path so that she would have more.

We never get the idea that Ruth regretted following Naomi. I have seen so many people who have walked an aisle or make a decision for Jesus who soon turn back. But Ruth was going to follow the course with God that she had chosen even if it meant a life of poverty.

But because of her loyalty, respect for her mother-in-law and her hard work opened the eyes of love for Boaz. Most of you realize that Boaz could purchase Ruth but there was a relative closer to Ruth then Boaz was so he gave the man the opportunity to buy her. When the man refused Boaz purchased Ruth and the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ through the bloodline of Boaz to David was assured.