Dottie and I walked the railroad tracks and Dog hill and then we ate dinner with our hosts.

I have read three books in their entirety and just filling myself with the Word. God has been speaking to us.


A lota love
A lota love

I suppose one of my characters in the Bible is Ruth. She is the great-grandmother of David. Born and living in the time of the Judges and being a Moabite makes her even more compelling as an instrument of God.

She lived at the end of the time of the Judges and the last words before her story was “There was no king in Israel and everyone did what was right in their own eyes”. It appears that America and the world are living in the same period.

She will marry the son of Naomi who will die as did both his father and his brother. Ruth will choose to follow Naomi back to Israel rather than to continue her life as a pagan. Famously she said, “I will go where you will go. I will die where you will die. Your God will be my God”.

To me that indicated that Naomi lived a life of total witness to God and her faith caused Ruth to leave everything in order to serve her God. Can you imagine how strong Naomi’s witness must have been?

She was Jewish and Ruth was a Moabite. She was a follower of Jehovah the true God while Ruth worshipped many false gods. Their languages and customs were totally different. And, on top of that, Naomi was poor and had absolutely nothing to offer Ruth.

Our witness I always there. Being a witness is not just about speaking. It is about the way we live. It is what people see in us on a daily basis.