Sebastian’s mother is very ill and he has asked for prayer on her behalf. Tim said he counted 26 young people who were saved in Sunday’s service following Adam’s preaching.

We are physically both feeling better. The down time has been good for us. Being forced to rest has been a blessing.


When the walls of Jericho fell Rahab’s family was blended in with the family of Abraham and she will be remembered as a member of the bloodline of Jesus.She married Salmon and he begot Boaz and Boaz begot Obed and Obed begot Jesse and Jesse begot David .

David’s bloodline begot Jesus.

From Rahab we learn that His grace is sufficient for even the vilest of sinners. I know because I was a vile as any could be. Christ changed my life. Rahab teaches us that faith in God can transform the wickedest of sinners.

But the lesson I appreciate the most is that Rahab thought of her family. Her life as a prostitute was surely a disgrace to them. But even in that circumstance she thought of her family’s salvation.

No on should die without having done all they could to see their family saved.