You remember Marjury in dialysis! Her catheters have failed due to fistula problems so the physicians have place a catheter in the last possible place on her body. She asked Aroldo to call and tell me hello. She is so precious and needs a miracle.

Mark, a board member and now a state representative, dropped by to visit us at HIS house where he and Gina allow us to stay.

We will be in Patterson at Word of Life in the morning serfice and at Pharr Chapel UMC at 5pm in Morgan City.

High school devotions
High school devotions


I am not the first person to be stressed and get sad or disillusioned. The story of Moses tells us at one point in his life he was so tired of the criticism and the lack of support that he screamed out to God “Am I a nursing mother?” What a thing to say! He felt as though all of his strength and nourishment had been sucked out by the people he loved and led.

His father-in-law came into the picture and said to Moses “Son, you gonna die if you do not get help. You need to have men under you to handle the many problems and pressures.”

The first transition!