I met with Billy & Sebastian about the next school year. Billy had a tremendous proposal. Great improvement! Also we were voted one of the top 4 schools in the state.

Lee & I have been meeting for morning prayer together & I will miss that while I am in the states.

A group of older children laid hands and washed the feet of the staff. It was one of the most incredible times of my life at Casa. The humility and love they displayed to all of us was wonderful.

We received two children last night ages 4 & 9.

The computer class
The computer class


Abraham and Sarah were promised son in their old age. The promise was that this child would have the everlasting covenant of God established upon this child. He was Isaac. Isaac means ‘laughter’ because Sarah had laughed when she heard that she was going to get pregnant at an age older than my wife, Dottie. I am not ready to laugh if Dottie brings me news that I am going to b a father again.


Can you imagine the faith and love Isaac had for Abraham and God in order to carry the wood for the offering and allow his father who was over a100 years old to have him lay upon the wood to be sacrificed?


He was not perfect but he was special. We know that he once denied that Rebekah was his wife. And of course there is the problem of the mess he caused by favoring Esau over Jacob. It would cause years of sadness. So why do we learn from Isaac?


God never forgets His promises to His children. Isaac’s foolishness could not stop the plan and covenant of God. Favoritism of one child over another is a huge mistake for a parent to make. It caused pain for generations.


Rebekah manipulated Isaac so Jacob would get the blessing. Manipulation may get you what you want at the moment but it is always best to allow God to do things His way.