Last night our hosts took us riding through 350 acres of undeveloped land and we were able to spot at least 40 or more beautiful deer.

We attended church in the nearest city. Some of the folks had been to Casa so they recognized us. In the evening we had communion at a local church.


The dialysis building could not have a more beautiful view.

During the life of Ruth in the times of the Judges another wonderful woman is in traduced in the Word. Her name is Hannah and she is childless and despondent. Polygamy was practiced then and there was a second wife who had a number of children making Hannah’s heart even more saddened.

To make things worse it was thought that barrenness was a curse from God and He did not love nor care about you. However time would bring forth a miraculous birth and a son used of God as few have ever been used.

She goes and prays in the temple and Eli the high priest, notices her and thinks she is drunk. She is so broken that she tells the Lord that if He gave her a child she would give him to back to the Lord. He does and she does.

After Samuel’s birth when he is still a child she brings him to Eli and her song of thanksgiving is one of the most beautiful found in the Bible. She pours out her gratitude for this blessing from God. In fact, it is similar to the song we see in Luke 1:46-55 concerning Mary.

She kept her promise and God would give her 5 more sons. Samuel will grow up to be a man of prayer and one of the most used men f God recorded in the Bible.